Just a quick post to clear the air on some rumors that have been brought to our attention that ‘Rock the Dock Green Bay’ will not be happening in 2020.

While the inaugural year for ‘Rock the Dock Green Bay’ was a huge success, it was not without challenges and learning opportunities. At the completion of last year’s event, the board voted to replace the company in charge of production after they fell short in several of their responsibilities and obligations.

This entity is now spreading rumors via social media that ‘Rock the Dock Green Bay’ will not be happening in 2020. While we are unsure of their intentions in doing so, we also find it ironic that the entity making these claims is also producing and promoting a different music festival on the same weekend in Menasha, WI.

Please rest assured that any rumors stating that ‘Rock the Dock Green Bay’ will not be happening in 2020 are just that – rumors.

We have received all the necessary permits and continued support from the City of Green Bay (attached) and are working diligently to ensure that ‘Rock the Dock Green Bay 2020’ will build upon the success of the first year and grow to be an annual event that brings music, food, beverages and local vendors to downtown Green Bay.

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding this rumor, please feel free to reach out to us at info@rockthedockgreenbay.org or dawn@chhcinc.org so that we may address any concerns or questions you may have.

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Every day is getting closer to July 25th! Stay tuned as we will soon be announcing our entire lineup, vendors and sponsors!