It has been brought to my attention that last night, there has been another baseless Facebook post stating that Rock the Dock Green Bay is being canceled due to COVID-19 and additionally included a very serious libelous statement. In an effort to again clear the air, I find it necessary to release a statement to address these accusations and actions.

As previously stated, while the inaugural year for Rock the Dock Green Bay was a huge success, it was not without challenges and learning opportunities. At the completion of last year’s event, the decision was made to terminate the relationship with the company that was in charge of production after they fell short in several of their responsibilities and obligations. After the decision was made, the entity still had administrator access to the Facebook page (along with Twitter & Instagram), which they then removed and locked out all other administrators and claimed the page as their own.

In January 2020, the City of Green Bay issued the permit for Rock the Dock Green Bay on CityDeck in July 2020. At this time, the entity in question made claims of being “the real Rock the Dock”, created false statements stating that Rock the Dock Green Bay would not be happening and even went as far as threatening the City of Green Bay with a lawsuit. Since that time, the Facebook page (and Twitter, Instagram accounts) in question have been used solely to promote a separate and different musical festival in Neenah, WI as well as a local band, both of which involve the aforementioned entity.

It goes without question that the claims being made are completely baseless and unfounded. As we have informed this entity in the past (and are doing again), we encourage them that if they believe there was any breach of contract or any areas in which they may believe they were wronged, that they proceed with litigation so that the grievances may be addressed, presented and decided upon in a court of law; not on social media or the court of public opinion. Even after several threats of doing so, to this date, the entity has not filed any paperwork nor explored any legal remedies to their outrageous claims.

Compassionate Home Health Care has made our counsel aware of the most recent accusations. We will again be sending a formal cease & desist to this entity to stop attempting to interfere with the Rock the Dock Green Bay 360 VR online music festival. Additionally, we are waiting for counsel to advise on the best approach to address the libelous statements made by this entity, which now is potentially affecting not only our relationships with several area businesses, nonprofits and governments, but our reputation as well.

For 10 years, Compassionate Home Health Care has helped support communities in the northeast Wisconsin region with our annual “Holiday Giving Campaign” and our recent “Let’s Make A Difference” campaign during this COVID-19 plight. In May 2020, we were the recipient of the “Power of 100 Fox Cities” Impact Award. We are currently the recipient of the “3 Degree Guarantee” from NBC26. Every holiday season our organization helps support hundreds of households across the region through our efforts. Our work, mission and values are clear and can be verified by the numerous nonprofits, home health care and community members to which we serve.

We will not allow this entity to become a distraction to our cause, organization or our event. We believe these actions to be desperate attempts to draw our focus, attention and energy away from creating a truly unique, never-been-done-before experience to help showcase our local Green Bay community, landmarks, nonprofits and small businesses. As evidenced on our social media outlets and website, Rock the Dock Green Bay 360 VR is in the process of being recorded and produced for our online broadcast on August 29th, 2020.

Compassionate Home Health Care and I appreciate your continued support and can understand the apprehension and confusion that this outside entity may be creating. I encourage anyone who may have ANY questions or concerns regarding this rumor, Compassionate Home Health Care or Rock the Dock Green Bay 360 VR to reach out directly to me so that I can address your concerns.

Dawn Paradiso-Hansen
Executive Director, Compassionate Home Health Care
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