Our Mission

#RockTheDockGreenBay’s mission is to help support Compassionate Home Health Care’s 11th annual #HolidayGivingCampaign. Distributing personal care/hygiene and cleaning supplies to our community members in need. Compassionate Home Health care helps a variety of non-profits  between Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay.

We offer internships to students from local area middle schools, high schools, technical colleges, and the W2 program. We create opportunities for these individuals to gain knowledge and training in area’s they may find interest in a future career. Helping to build confidence, character, skills, leadership, logistics and an understanding of processes of a campaign, project etc. (our annual #HolidayGivingCampaign and our annual music festival #RockTheDockGreenBay). From beginning stages to completion. Individuals can step into the program at anytime of the year and learn what processes are we are working towards at that time of either our annual #HolidayGivingCampaign and music festival #RockTheDockGreenBay, along with marketing, management, event planning, grant writing, leadership and task management.

Compassionate Home Health Care’s goal is to help individuals and their families have a cleaner and healthier start to the Holiday Season and New Year. The Holiday Season can be stressful for anyone especially those who don’t always have the means for basic personal care/hygiene and cleaning necessities. We hope you will consider this mutually beneficial opportunity with Compassionate Home Health Care to remember those in need and be a part of our “A Community That Care’s” program.